Alexandre Lopes, better known as Xandinho, began his journey in samba from an early age through his father, Xando! His toys were instruments and since the age of 11 he has been a member of the Grupo Samba lêlê. 
He had his first contact with Escola de Samba being rhythmist and sub-director of drums of Escola de Samba Charanguinha de Ovar.
Since 2009, he joined the Escola de Samba Sócios da Mangueira da Mealhada, where he remains until today, playing the roles of interpreter, cavaquinist, mestre de bateria and composer, and author of all the original sambas of the same!
In 2014 he had the pleasure of joining the Bloco X Family, integrating the bateria and harmony wing!
"I advise you to be a samba dancer too".