Wantuir de Oliveira Tavares was born in Belo Horizonte on March 31, 1957. At the age of one, he moved to Duque de Caxias, where he later began his career as a samba singer in the extinct plot block Acadêmicos de Caxias. His career as a samba interpreter began to rise when he began to accompany Dominguinhos do Estácio in Estácio de Sá, Imperatriz Leopoldinense and Acadêmicos do Grande Rio, where he spent seven years.
In 1994 he made his debut as an official Cubango interpreter. The following year he was invited to go to Porto da Pedra, where he became champion of Access Group A, leading the São Gonçalo school to the Special Group.
In 1999 he went to Vai-Vai, winning the São Paulo bicampeonato by the Bixiga group. In the same year, he was an interpreter of Tradition.
In 2001, Wantuir joined Unidos da Tijuca, staying for two years. In 2003 he went to the Serrano Empire. He returned to Unidos da Tijuca in 2004, where he remained until 2008. During this period, he won the Gold Standard twice (2005 and 2007).
In 2009, under the influence of Washington Reis, he returned to the Great River, this time as principal interpreter.
In 2013 he defended Inocentes de Belford Roxo, where he made a pair with Thiago Brito. In 2014, he did not renew with the school of Baixada and went to the Academics of Tucuruvi.
During the elections in Portela, was announced as an interpreter, where it was being speculated that would form a trio of singers with Rixxah and Rogerinho. However, Wantuir would be the only interpreter of the school. After the Carnival of 2016, he was dismissed from the blue and white of Madureira, but he was not left out of the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, because he would again be an official singer of a school coming from the Access, in this case, Tuiuti Paradise.
In 2019 he returns to Unidos da Tijuca.

Gold Standard (Best Performer): 2005 and 2007
Golden Tambourine (Best Performer): 2008