The musical project Viva O Samba was founded in 2015 by two Brazilian musicians, with the idea of promoting this genuinely Brazilian rhythm in Lusitanian lands, reuniting family and friends around an authentic "roda de samba", composed of 14 (fourteen) musicians , Arranged in the center of the space and with the public around. A "roda de samba" where everybody looks at each other, dances and sings together!
The project began its activities in Bairro Alto in Lisbon in January 2015 and quickly won a loyal audience, who regularly attends Sunday samba, creating a true Portuguese-Brazilian community. In addition to official visitors, hundreds of tourists, from the most varied nationalities, are
attracted every Sunday by the democratic and contagious joy of samba. We estimate that more than 20 thousand people have seen the most famous samba wheel in Lisbon, with an average audience of 300 to 400 people per Sunday, over two years.
Samba, now immaterial patrimony of the Brazilian people, was born in Bahia around 1860, in a syncretic movement of black African culture (percussion) and Portuguese culture (viola and pandeiro). Traditionally, samba was made in turn given the influence of the African philosophy of Ubuntu ("I am because we are"), whose message of solidarity seeks not to highlight or centralize the performance of any of the members of the wheel, demonstrating that all are equally important and relevant, always on the same level. And it is for this reason that our project intends to maintain and spread the tradition of the "roda de samba". Viva o Samba has a mature musicality of those who grew up and
he developed with the music, being composed of the following musicians: Cicero Mateus (voice and percussion), Betinho Mateus (voice and deaf), Tom Lemos (voice and guitar), Bruno Nery (banjo), Eron Gabriel (percussion), Bruno Pereira voice and guitar of 7 chords), Gegê de Oliveira (voice and cavaquinho), Diogo Guanabara (mandolin), Vinicius Lemos (tantã), Wesley Victor (tambourine and reco-reco), Claudinho Cojak (tambourine), Junior Moris , Carlinhos Percussão (congas) and Madalena Gomes (tambourine and vocals).
Viva o Samba has already circulated throughout most of Europe and has participated in important events such as the Festival Imigrarte, Mundo Mestiço, Mega Samba Sesimbra. Recently, Viva o Samba performed a special edition of their show at the Teatro do Bairro (Lisbon / PT), one of the most traditional in Lisbon, celebrating samba. The show Viva O Samba was a hit with audiences and critics.