samba, menina!

Samba, Menina!
It's the name, but it's also an invitation to the delight of batucada and melodies sung by hands and female voices. Born from the meeting of women samba dancers from Lisbon, the group includes Carol Campolina on guitar, Emílie Pereira on percussion, Karla da Silva on voice and percussion, Lizzie Marchi on percussion, Madalena Gomes on voice and percussion and Neya Castro on voice. The group emerged from the idea of a roda open to all women singers and instrumentalists who raise the flag of Samba in Portugal, based on the proposal to unite talents and increasingly strengthen the female presence in the music scene and the rodas in Lisbon. There has been so much talk of female empowerment in the world today and Samba, this rhythm that was born in the backyards of Rio de Janeiro's aunts, like Aunt Ciata, and brings with it the protest and social reflections beyond the party is, here in Portugal, well represented by women and promises to do even sick foot sambar!