samba do morro da marconi

Ricardo Nuno Pinto Alves, better known as Chora, was born in 1977 in the village of Sesimbra and from an early age allowed himself to be influenced by the traditional carnival of the homeland, the Brazilian rhythms and the MPB records that his parents brought from their trips to Brazil.

He joined G.R.E.S. Bota at the age of 17, 1994. Since 1998 he has been the Drums Director of the school (21 years in charge) directing about 50 rhythmists throughout the year and responsible for all the rhythmic and orchestration work of all the suits.
Self-taught, singer, musician, rhythmist, orchestrator, producer, he is also a composer of about 30 sambas-enredo for several samba schools in the country, but mainly for G.R.E.S. Bota where he already has 16 victories, he also has dozens of original works of samba de raiz and partido-alto.
One of the founders and responsible for the MEGASAMBA International Festival since its beginning.
He has also been a member since 2014 of Bloco X (international Samba drums composed of rhythmists and musicians from various European countries).
It will be a unique opportunity to enjoy live these unpublished works of the Sesimbrense composer, only possible by the commitment and delivery of each of the musicians involved in this project, and which we quote here:

Ricardo Alves "Chora", Paulo Soromenho, Mário Marques, Paulo Taklim, Leandro Figueiredo, Luís Taklim, Márcio Lima and Giovanni Barbieri.​