maristani fernandes

Maristani Fernandes Martins, besides being graduated in Physical Education, is also graduated in Music by the Brazilian Conservatory of Music in Rio de Janeiro. She has been an assistant cuíca instructor in the Percussion Workshop of the Bateria Sinfônica of GRES Império Serrano since 2014, invited by Mestre Gilmar. 

As a student of this same workshop, she joined in 2010 to do a curricular internship at the music college. In 2011, she joined the cuíca as a regular student, staying definitely in this suit. After the tests to join the drums, she became an official rhythmist in 2012, at the time of the plot in honor of Dona Ivone Lara who gave the second place to the school in the parades of Series A of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.