inah & a dúpé

Inah Santos, polyvalent artist: singing, putting up with and photographing are her "Linguagens".
He opened the way to a new horizon, bringing his scenic and lusophone influences to a work full of meaning, which goes beyond the auditory appreciation. 
He leads several projects: his band "Modified Samba" which is nothing more than the diffusion of Samba with various musical styles, "Rua das Flores", "Encontro de Sambistas", a Festival de Teatro/ Música "Festival Entre Portas" and more recently merges with "A Dúpé".
"A Dúpé" was born from the meeting of Brazilian musicians living in the Portuguese capital with the common intention of spreading Brazilian instrumental music in its various aspects, from the current Brazilian Jazz to the traditional Lundu, Jongo, Frevo ... are multiple influences that are added in a unique sound for the public. Versatility is the hallmark of this project, from the arrangements for the works (author or not) to the instrumental formation that can vary, performing in duo, trio or quartet. 
The name, which comes from the yoruba, is our philosophy: 
We thank you!