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Workshops Schedule:

Ritmista Kit with 1 Workshop


(The)It is the participant's responsibility to bring their own instrument, belt/lanyard, drumsticks or other accessories they deem necessary.

WS Tamborim (Class A) - SOLD OUT

WS Caixa (Class A) - SOLD OUT

WS Chocalho (Class A) - SOLD OUT

Kit purchase includes:

  • Tshirt or Dress, Tote Bag, Hat, Reusable Cup.
  • Access to rehearsal da MegaBateria - Saturday 3pm
  • Access to MegaBateria's final presentation - Sunday 3pm
  • Access to 1 ritmista kit percussion workshop

Each percussion workshop will last approximately 90 minutes.


Workshops on cavaquinho, samba circles, timbal and palestra dos mestres can only be acquired na percussion workshop zone.

Ritmista Kit with 1 Workshop

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